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We're an Aussie game studio building beautiful games to increase the happiness quotient of classrooms everywhere.

The game 'Pocket Chef' detailed below was designed, developed and tested in collaboration with some of the wonderful teachers at Woy Woy Public.

Primary School

Woy Woy

We're re-inventing the way kids learn, with joy at the heart of learning. With Pocket Chef, kids use their addition skills to run their very own mobile restaurant. As they gain confidence and develop proficiency, they level up to more difficult recipes (algorithms) and challenge themselves to operate at greater speed. Pocket Chef is a versatile game that can readily be used to challenge learners across K-3.

The bright, colourful and interactive way to engage with mathematics

Pocket Chef

School Beta

30 piloting schools and educational centres

Our mission is to build awesome games for passionate teachers to help them nurture even happier classrooms. We're working closely with 30 piloting schools and educational centres to determine the game efficacy and refinements, and we'd love to get you involved as well.

Teachers are creative creatures who like to use their tools to their own play style. Here are a few steps just to get you started.

1. Download the game on iPhone or iPad and have a play. Our Starter Lesson Plan will help you learn how to play.

2. Take a look at the Syllabus Document and see how the game fits in the Maths K-3 curriculum.

3. Trial the game in your classroom using one or more of our fun Play Testing Ideas.

4. Take our short Teacher Feedback Survey (link emailed to community members) to design new futures for the game. Join our Community by filling out the form at the bottom of this page!

How it Works

It is Life is Yellow's goal to keep its games in the free sector and, in order to so, needs on-the-ground teacher feedback about curriculum use of the game. The goal at this stage is to establish 50 successful classroom implementations to attract the next level of funding/sponsorship. By joining our Educator Community you can pilot our delightfully colourful game 'Pocket Chef' on iPad, and in return you will be offered free site license access to this and future educational games to be developed by Life Is Yellow. Leave contact details below and we'll follow up with you to be part of this pilot!

Keeping our Games Free

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