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Why we built Life is Yellow.

Isuru Wanasinghe

All kids deserve to love learning.

If you stop to really think about it, I'm sure we'd agree that the process of learning is inherently supposed to be an incredibly joyful and endearing adventure. The curiosity of entering the unknown. The challenge of mastering a new skill. And yet somewhere along the way, the education system as a whole lost touch with a lot of that magic and left teachers with an uninspired and rigid curriculum. In between this mess, our teachers are the real superheroes - working day and night to design engaging experiences that make each and every one of their kids want to run to class in the morning. Literacy and numeracy might be the measurable outcomes that these teachers deliver, but the fire that drives these teachers is about something so much bigger - their greatest pursuit is in helping their kids build happier, more joyful lives. I started Life is Yellow to build games for these teachers to help them keep doing what they do best - nurture young minds and build happy classrooms. Regardless of the educational objectives that our games deliver, the single most important criteria at the heart of everything we make is whether we nurture an authentic sense of joy and excitement in our players, to keep them coming back for more. It's a movement around this incredibly important question that we should share in our classrooms and our homes everyday, of "What makes life yellow?".

Founder & CEO

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